400 Waller Street (At Fillmore Street) San Francisco, CA 94117

Tel: (415) 431 - 2526

Mon-Sun: 5.30pm - 10.30pm

About the restaurant

Chef Pat Parikanont opened Thep Phanom Thai Restaurant, named after a Thai angel, in the Lower Haight-Ashbury district in 1986.

Set within an older grand Victorian building, she felt it was the perfect showcase for her family’s exquisite collection of century old Thai antiques and Victorian window treatments with just a touch of the 60’s kitsch. (It’s the Haight after all!)

Her timing was perfect as San Francisco restauranteurs were leading a movement to put the city on the gastronomic map by using only the freshest seasonal ingredients available.

Thep Phanom is a cozy neighborhood restaurant where her clientele ranging  from artists and web designers to downtown investment bankers, feel comfortable savoring the best Thai food San Francisco had to offer.

Patrons are seated and immediately made to feel at home by any one of the friendly smiling employees adorned in traditional formal Thai attire.

On any night, it isn’t unusual to see local celebrities or chefs dine in or request carry-out.

Come to Thep Phanom for a delicious bite

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Party Set - Minimum 6 persons

Tel: (415) 431 - 2526

Email: info@thepphanom.com

Set A - $15.00

Larb Gai, Fried calamari, Thaitanic Beef, Kaeng Karee Gai, Pad Thai, Choice of steamed jasmine or brown rice

Set B - $15.00

Thep Thong, Lemongrass Salad, Basil Salmon, Tamarind Pork, Param Beef, Choice of steamed Jasmine or brown rice

Set C - $15.00

Banggkok Chicken Wings, Pla Goong, Spicy Basil Chicken, Moo Ping, Kaeng Pumpkin, Choice of steamed or brown rice

Set D - $15.00

Fried Fish Cakes, Som Tum, Moo Prig King, Kiew Warn Gai, Pad Kee Mow, Choice of steamed Jasmine or brown rice

Set G - $15.00

Crispy Tofu, Thaitanic Tofu, Tofu Makur, Lemongrass Tofu, Pad Seew, Choice of steamed Jasmine or brown rice

Set J - $15.00

Siamese Rolls, Param Pak, Kaeng Pak, Pad J, Pad Sai Roong, Choice of steamed Jasmine or brown rice

Our Chefs

THEP PHANOM is a happy home for famous chefs who love Thai food and prepare it with lots of love and attention.

Chefs' recommendations


Our chefs love gathering the community to taste their new dishes, try new ideas and present the loveliest wine from the region and world.

Thep Phanom

400 Waller Street (At Fillmore Street)
San Francisco, CA 94117

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Stop by whenever you would like a tasty bite and delicious glass of wine. Stay in touch on social media to know more about our special events.

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Thep Phanom

400 Waller St
San Francisco, CA 94117

(415) 431-2526

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  • Mon-Sun
  • 5:30PM - 10:30PM